Sleeper Accommodation Open Day

Council sees potential in Sheffield Company’s solution to Homelessness

Sheffield company My Container UK announced their Sleeper Units scheme this morning with the arrival of a bright blue shipping container in Tudor Square.

They hope that by giving people the opportunity to look around a refurbed unit, visitors will be able to see the potential of their plan to help tackle homelessness by converting unused shipping containers into temporary one bedroom accommodation.

The scheme is still in the early stages of development but the council members who we spoke to at the launch seemed broadly positive about the possibilities the scheme offered.

Councillor Jim Steinke, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, who would be the lead on a development of this type, told VIBE: “I’m a real convert to container housing, I think modular housing is very much the future. Container housing is a solution to some issues, certainly short term housing and certainly emergency housing.

“This (My Container’s demo Sleeper Unit) is done to a very high standard, and is relatively cheap.”

Richard Eyre, head of city-centre management, CCTV, markets and events at Sheffield City Council, said: “I think it’s a great concept. If you look inside, it’s kitted out to a three or four star hotel, giving somebody that independence to get back on their feet, to get the right services that they need.

“It’s a temporary solution, as people need to be in proper houses and proper communities. But as a temporary solution what a fantastic product.”

Homelessness activist Anthony Cunningham, best known for his work on Tent City, is a big supporter of the project: He said: “It’s a fantastic idea, it already happens in places like Brighton and Bristol. I don’t know why it’s not happening in Sheffield. It can give people a new lease of life.”

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