There is a global boom taking place in container architecture which is now being embraced here in the UK & Europe as people look for alternative green construction methods.

If you are looking for some design inspiration, why not check out our social media pages where we have articles and images from designers around the world. Also keep checking our news page to see the latest container builds from across the globe 

Concepts & Design Inspiration

Education & Community

For schools and educational institutions with increasing class sizes and pressure to reduce capital expenditure our container classroom concepts can help you meet the challenges you face. We can provide a wide range of educational and community configurations to suit any budget or timescale.  Read more…

Concepts & Design Inspiration

Retail, Leisure & Branding

Many retailers and new business start-up champions are heavily promoting the use of shipping containers for retail outlets. Costing a fraction of the cost or conventional builds and installed within a few weeks, this concept will revolutionise and safeguard new business start-ups during the first few years of operating. Read more…

Concepts & Design Inspiration


Whatever the vision, My-Container can provide the solution. We work with key stakeholders such as architects, designers, business owners, project managers etc. helping you turn your vision into reality, by providing a complete a complete turnkey service: from design and planning through to development, fabrication and installation, we provide the complete solution. Read more…

Concepts & Design Inspiration

Residential – Amazing Spaces

Residential design whether it be for private or social housing requirements offer a modular construction that can be configured to suit any sized accommodation requirement. Various cladding materials take away the industrial appearance of a shipping container and add that extra insulation value.

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