Sleeper Container System

Various reports have looked at what is happening on the ground among homeless and vulnerable people and have identified what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to tackling homelessness.

Finding the right tailor-made solution/s to tackle this problem is paramount, not only in terms of accommodation but also providing the right support network to guide affected individuals to a healthy and sustainable future.

Governments, Councils and various agencies are under extreme pressure to tackle what has become a serious epidemic across the UK. At Steel Yard, we believe our ‘Sleeper’ system allows this issue to be addressed short, medium and long term. Using shipping container architecture allows it to be scalable and deployed with such ease, demand can be serviced through rapid deployment to any site through its plug and play technology.

The Sleeper can be scaled to accommodate one individual to small, medium and large sized families. Each unit comprises of the following:

  • Living / social area
  • Kitchenette facilites
  • Fold away space saving bed and storage
  • Fully equipped shower unit TV and wifi
  • Outside secure porch

Multiple units can be connected to add more bedroom space for larger groups. Additional units can be added to house support services and networking facilities. All units can be externally cladded to help with the aesthetics of the desired location.

All specifications will comply to Building Regulations and can be altered to accommodate individuals with disability needs. Governments, Councils and Agencies are under extreme budget constraints, but we believe we have a solution to meet those challengers.

  • Sleeper Container System
  • Sleeper Container System
  • Sleeper Container System
  • Sleeper Container System

Each unit is for sale outright OR Steel Yard will fund the total supply, installation and management in exchange for suitable sites and needs. This can be undertaken on all sites that have been earmarked for development on short, medium or long-term agreements. Units can be installed and moved to another site if required with minimal disruption.

A number of Councils across the UK have shown interests to take these units on a joint venture basis to tackle local issues and we believe our Sleeper unit is a fantastic solution to help vulnerable individuals with accommodation and mentoring needs.

Sheffield Live! Feature

A converted shipping container has been on display in Sheffield city centre, demonstrating to the public what an affordable home of the future might look like. Fitted out with a compact design including a bed, toilet, kitchen and seating area, container homes are offered as a way to reduce homelessness and improve access to low cost housing. Sheffield Live! reporters Azz Mohammed spoke to Stacy Reed, managing director of My Container UK.

Sheffield Tent City Feature

The Benefits of the Sleeper Container System

  • It takes over 8000kwh to make a shipping container and only 400kwh to upcycle to a modular unit. There are over 24 million unused shipping containers around the globe.

  • Shipping container provide modular elements that can be combined into an infinite range of larger structures. This simplifies not only design and planning but also transport, as they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobility during transportation.

  • Modular buildings from containers are around 30% less expensive to construct when compared to traditional building methods.

  • With around 70% of fabrication being completed offsite before being delivered to site build times can be reduced by around 40% when compared to traditional building methods.

  • Shipping containers are, in many ways, an ideal building material by virtue of their primary intended use. They are designed to resist extremely harsh environments, corrosion resistant, and meet or exceed structural safety codes.

  • Pre-fabricated modules & units are designed for shipping and can easily transported by ship, truck or rail because they already conform to standard shipping sizes. In many cases exterior cladding for the final finish is shipped inside the container for final erection and completion on site.

  • Around the world there are reported to be approximately 24 million unused shipping containers which quite simply means there is abundance of available base inventory.

  • Shipping containers are designed to be supported by their four corners, which makes foundation construction very simple and quick and means less onsite disruption.

  • Using containers, we are able to encompass a wide range of sustainable features into our designs such as solar energy, bio mass fuel or green roofs.

  • Again, with most of the fabrication and build being done of site we can work to strict timetables. Projects can be completed onsite at convenient times to the client causing minimal disruption to existing operations.

  • Unlike fixed traditional buildings, a container-based building is relatively easy to relocate should the need arise.

  • Combining shipping container modules with existing buildings is not a problem.

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