Retail Leisure & Branding

  • Retail Leisure & Branding using Container Based Structures
  • Retail Leisure & Branding using Container Based Structures

Retailers and new business start-ups live by the goals of being agile, fast-to-market, and low overhead. We offer a solution to one of biggest drags on these goals: the availability of built space.

Many retailers, brand owners, and new business start-up have discovered the speed, style, and cost advantages of using shipping containers for retail outlets and pop up stores. Costing a fraction of the cost of conventional builds and installed within a few weeks, this concept will revolutionise and safeguard new business start-ups during the first few years of operating.

Container based structures are becoming more and more popular around the globe as more brands and customers recognise the benefits. Whether it be a retail store café or promotional outlet, containers allow for short term commitment as the stores can be moved if required.

There is no need for long term commitments to leases. In fact stores can be opened for seasonal business or market tests and then closed and moved – a huge boon to companies that want to try new ideas or take advantage of temporary business conditions without making a commitment to a high level of overhead.

We work with key stakeholders such as project managers, marketing consultants, creative directors, brand owners, small business start-ups, architects, designers.

For brands, containers can be brightly decorated on the outside to draw attention from crowds and encourage spontaneous purchases or engagement.

Container structures, built on a bespoke basis with retail branding and leisure in mind are highly effective as:
Pop up retail stores, brand marketing installations, retail kiosks, concession stands, artist studios, shopping malls, fast food outlets, coffee shops, bistros, and promotional event or music festival venues.

The Benefits for the Retail Leisure & Branding Sector

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