• Education – Benefits of Sustainable Buildings in Schools
  • Education – Benefits of Sustainable Buildings in Schools
  • Education – Benefits of Sustainable Buildings in Schools

Whether you are looking for a simple double unit classroom, multi-level teaching facility, catering block or sports facility then Steel Yard can help.

Shipping container architecture allows for a wide range of custom solutions in a multitude of colours and cladding options that can provide you with a high quality sustainable educational building that can be installed quickly and safely whilst causing minimal disruption to your school.

We work with key stakeholders such as local education authorities, school governors, architectural consultants, facility managers, headmasters, teachers, and charities.

Container structures, built on a bespoke basis with children in mind can be highly effective as:
Pre-schools. nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, sixth form, further education, sports facilities, staff rooms, libraries, kitchens, dining halls and so forth.

The Benefits for the Education Sector

  • Modular buildings from containers are around 30% less expensive to construct than comparable conventionally build classrooms.

  • It takes over 8000kwh to make a shipping container and only 400kwh to upcycle to a modular unit. There are over 24 million unused shipping containers around the globe.

  • Our modular solutions fit the government policy of building educational projects as efficiently as possible. Whilst shipping containers meet this requirement, they still provide design flexibility and easy expansion if required.

  • With around 70% of fabrication being completed offsite before being delivered to site build times can be reduced by around 40% when compared to traditional building methods.

  • Shipping containers are, in many ways, an ideal building material by virtue of their primary intended use. They are designed to resist extremely harsh environments, corrosion resistant, and meet or exceed structural safety codes.

  • Controlling costs and adhering to budgets is vital. By using our modular container systems we avoid the common problems and uncertainties normally encountered with traditional builds.

  • Using containers, we are able to encompass a wide range of sustainable features into our designs such as solar energy, bio mass fuel or green roofs.

  • Unfortunately, today vandalism and damage to buildings has to be considered. There is nothing more secure than a shipping container when it comes to security.

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