Commercial & Industrial

  • Commercial & Industrial using Shipping Container Architecture
  • Commercial & Industrial using Shipping Container Architecture

Containers are angular and regular, but in our bespoke process, they can be modified to deliver a huge range of design styles. Whatever your vision, Steel Yard can provide the solution. 

Container structures, built on a bespoke basis with commercial and industrial applications in mind are highly effective as:
Offices, marketing suites, healthcare facilities, showers & toilets, information centres, security kiosks, artist studios, portable buildings, VIP sports boxes, gatehouses & ticket offices, canteens, music festivals, changing rooms.

Using surplus shipping containers as elements of new built structures enables architects to achieve four generally desirable design goals with relative ease: Reduce costs, make a bold design statement, streamline the construction process, and improve environmental impact.

As essentially pre-welded steel structural blocks, containers save a great deal of money, energy, and other environmental resources by coming to the construction project ready-made.

The Benefits for the Commercial & Industrial Sector

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