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  • Commercial & Industrial using Shipping Container Architecture
  • Commercial & Industrial using Shipping Container Architecture

Containers are angular and regular, but in our bespoke process, they can be modified to deliver a huge range of design styles. Whatever your vision, Steel Yard can provide the solution. 

Container structures, built on a bespoke basis with commercial and industrial applications in mind are highly effective as:
Offices, marketing suites, healthcare facilities, showers & toilets, information centres, security kiosks, artist studios, portable buildings, VIP sports boxes, gatehouses & ticket offices, canteens, music festivals, changing rooms.

Using surplus shipping containers as elements of new built structures enables architects to achieve four generally desirable design goals with relative ease: Reduce costs, make a bold design statement, streamline the construction process, and improve environmental impact.

As essentially pre-welded steel structural blocks, containers save a great deal of money, energy, and other environmental resources by coming to the construction project ready-made.

The Benefits for the Commercial & Industrial Sector

  • Its takes over 8000kwh to make a shipping container and only 400kwh to upcycle to a modular unit. There are over 24 million unused shipping containers around the globe.

  • Shipping container provide modular elements that can be combined into an infinite range of larger structures. This simplifies not only design and planning but also transport, as they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobility during transportation.

  • Modular buildings from containers are around 30% less expensive to construct than comparable conventionally build structures.

  • With around 70% of fabrication being completed offsite before being delivered to site build times can be reduced by around 40% when compared to traditional building methods.

  • Shipping containers are, in many ways, an ideal building material by virtue of their primary intended use. They are designed to resist extremely harsh environments, corrosion resistant, and meet or exceed structural safety codes.

  • Pre-fabricated modules & units are designed for shipping and can easily transported by ship, truck or rail because they already conform to standard shipping sizes. In many cases exterior cladding for the final finish is shipped inside the container for final erection and completion on site.

  • Around the world there are reported to be approximately 24 million unused shipping containers which quite simply means there is abundance of available base inventory.

  • Shipping containers are designed to be supported by their four corners, which makes foundation construction very simple and quick and means less onsite disruption.

  • Controlling costs and adhering to budgets is vital. By using our modular container systems we avoid the common problems and uncertainties normally encountered with traditional builds.

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